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Fire Breathing Bride

Featured on the front page of Redditfront page of Yahoo! NewsCTV News and Yahoo! Lifestyle Australia.

The perfect photoset for Halloween! I had the pleasure of working with Victoria of Bravado Photography and Design in photographing this bride (Ashley from Dynamite Dolls Circus)-- who just so happens to be a firebreather!

After Ashley approached Victoria and I about her desire to be photographed in her wedding gown breathing fire, we knew we had a hit on our hands. Victoria suggested we go to a park where there was a beautiful forest. It had just rained the night before so we weren't threatened with a fire. In fact, the fuel that's used in fire breathing provides a quick burst that dies very fast, specifically so fires are prevented. All three of us took safety and fire prevention very seriously during this shoot. Although it appears she is surrounded by trees and the fire may be touching them, we were actually in a grove that opened up so she could point the fire in a gap between the trees. We set up three flashes--one directly in the center of the frame facing the camera (her "backlight"), one to the right of the frame pointed at her along her silhouette, and one on the left side of the frame pointing at her. About an hour into the shoot, it got very dark and we were noticing her face being a bit too fiery red than we'd liked. We were all going for a fairytale look with soft colors to counteract the fire. So I put on a blue filter over the flashes. This can be seen in a few of the darker shots. It gave a very theatrical and dreamy look to the images, which was perfect for what we were going for. Overall, I can't wait to collaborate with these ladies again. It was truly a team effort and we are looking forward to doing more down the road. 

We were also turned into a hilarious meme! #firebreathingbride